Welcome to the Websped tutorial page of 12Logistics GmbH.

This article will show you how to use WebSped.

When you try to open the Status Page and there is an error like “too many redirects” try another browser. We recommend Mozilla Firefox.

If your Status Page is empty, and your order is in the future you can try to change the week.

When we did the Status update for you the page is also empty. If you are unsure about your Status just ask us at sendungsverfolgung@12logistics.de

If the Page is still empty try to log out and reopening the link.

If everything is fine your Status Page should look like this.

Now you can press this little button like shown in the screenshot to get to the status menu.

Here you can see the status menu with some translations. Just Enter your name in the “Quittungsgeber” / “Receipt” field and add some notes if you wish to do so. After this you can choose your status update from a dropdown menu.

We hope we could provide you with some useful informations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at it@12logistics.de. It would be helpful if you provide some Screenshots of your Problem.